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    Pay Per Click

    Attract customer to get most qualified leads

    PPC (Pay Per Click) will help to bring customer quickly without any additional effort. FTI Tech has a team of expert who creates ideal keywords that allow people to see the ads and click on them. We have a great and affordable way of doing business without the need of doing a lot of work. Our expertise always follows PPC advertising with developing a relationship with the right audience at the right time.

    We established PPC presence that managed to deliver in-house strategy and conduct a comprehensive audit of your accounts. Our team provides solutions for lead generation for eCommerce and international businesses. Our PPC consultant and our team get combined hands-on Google accounts that help you to achieve PPC goals with ease. We adapt to the best practices to measure the highest returns on investment with accuracy get the most significant return on every click.

    Pay Per Click Services

    Improved ROI
    We deliver useful PPC advertising tips and campaign to help you to get an enhanced return on investment and brand exposure. We bring instant visibility for your business that features compelling ads on a targeted niche with making the best PPC advertising service provider.
    Bid Management
    This is one of the vital things that you always hear with Pay per Click. The super visible management will pliably affect the results for business growth. Our experts will track the Google analytics tools to attain bid management solutions as per enterprise clients’ level.
    Campaign Report Management
    A good campaign report management service is something that examines the current market position to implement proven strategies with positive results.
    Increased Paid Traffic
    If you want to increase traffic then use the latest & exemplary PPC service for your business with ensuring augmented paid traffic for your website promptly.
    PPC Landing Page creation
    Get an effective PPC campaign to generate more leads and demand well-crafted optimized PPC landing page to deliver 100% contentment. We ensure to use the enhanced conversion rates to have an effective landing page optimization.
    Better Leads Generation
    Our expert will bring actionable strategies for you to get more customer leads with a better number of sales for your business growth.
    Google Ad-words Voucher
    With creating the Ad copyright creation we aim to develop a unique campaign which is substantial to growth and generate lots of other benefits within a short period.
    Reduced CPC
    Our expert team will help in mastery and reducing the total cost of CPC (Cost per conversion) which regularly strives to improve the quality of the score level. We conduct ample keyword research to create a group and themed campaign for relevant search phrases.

    Why hire FTI Tech for PPC?

    We have a fantastic team who helps you to decide the target market & pay-per-click objectives. We develop a good strategy that helps in achieving the best outcomes at an affordable cost per click. We also keep an eye on your competitor’s strategy.

    • Increased Visibility: Our trusted PPC advertising agency will help you to gain better online visibility to establish your company as a leader in the market and expand business with more customers added to it.
    • Pace to Market: your PPC advertisement will launch quickly by giving better quality leads with targeted traffic of your website at an affordable cost.
    • Targeted Ads: We target PPC ads geographically with following by country, city and will appear to the potential customer based on the particular area.
    • Maximized ROI: Our PPC marketer will conduct extensive conversion to ensure more clicks as per advertisement to get maximum ROI with high website traffic.

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