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    Social Media Marketing

    Get more traffic and more engagement with using our Social Media Marketing

    If you’re looking to drive more customers and grow your audience, then FTI Tech is the best company to fulfill your social media marketing strategies. Social Media comes with proven, viable and lucrative marketing channel for all companies of all sizes across the globe. We are one from few who have a great experience and proven results to reach goals in various fields such as branding, social PR and other lead generation services using social media marketing.

    We have a fantastic team of Social Media service provider who designs to keep you in control across various social media networks. We understand your unique business challenging needs and objectives to deliver fruitful results. As per great saying ‘ One size rarely fits in all’ and so as our Social Media team puts all focus and clear goal to make this saying true. We aim to find the ones who can connect you with a new customer and guiding them in the language they ask for.

    Social Media Marketing Services

    Facebook Page Management
    We help you to drive traffic and attract a Facebook audience by growing their number rapidly. We deliver exclusive page management services that reach the desired audience using a social media platform to build your business with ease.
    Twitter Account Management
    Twitter is a critical network which is very crucial to handle by the user. We have a great team who are actively available to increase your brand awareness. We do build trust with our clients by using a trusted platform.
    LinkedIn Profile Creation
    As we know that most the audience we get is from LinkedIn. So our professional creates a complete LinkedIn profile and manages by our experienced team with using branding strategy.
    YouTube Channel Creation
    We have an expert team who implement the essential YouTube channel by building and managing it effectively. We help you to reach out to various fans by generating more audience on social media networks.
    Social Bookmarking
    Our professional will do the effective bookmarking management and allow the client to add, share, edit and annotate bookmarks when required.

    Why hire FTI Tech for Social Media Marketing?

    • Social Consultancy: We have an expert team who develop a social strategy based upon end goals. With us, you’ll get an in-house marketing team who require guidance to build a social presence.
    • Brand Management: Get secure and appropriate username across all the channels to help you to turn your potential customer problems into praise.
    • Social Tone & Nature: There are lots of ways which help social media to differing massively. So we help to find the right tone of voice and style to make sure that your business is portrayed exactly you demand for.
    • Social Media Monitoring: We have a comb of the social network team that makes sure you stay ahead of the conversion which is ready to contribute whenever you need to.
    • Social PPC: We promote your account to help you stay updated with the trends, to improve web presence and generate interest in your product.
    • Social PR: We do have a close relationship with most authoritative publishers who will help you to guide you by staying in between the gap of offline and online content.
    • Creative Discussion: We have a social team of experts who will be reactive completely to hit the market by making appropriate conversion outside for your next industry.
    • Analysis and Reporting: We help you to identify and inform the future activity across all marketing channels and not just social circles

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