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    Learn Drupal Development: Drupal Tutorial

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    Drupal Core Basis And Why You Should Choose It For Web Development?

    All About Drupal and A Tutorial for Beginners

    Drupal is a content management framework that released its first version in 2001. On its first release, only a few persons were connected to it, however, in 2019 the Drupal community has connected to more than 1.37 million members that include 114,000 active users. Moreover, the Drupal has launched 8 versions till 2019 and DRUPAL 8.0 is the most advanced version till today. A basic Website installation and administration of the framework make it quite user-friendly CMS for newcomers and sophisticated API for developers.

    Why you should choose Drupal for web development?

    From the past few years, Drupal has been overshadowing its competitors with a fast, content-rich and regularly updated platform. Web owners are choosing it as it helps to allure millions of web visitors in a day. It has many features that make it versatile such as;

    • High-End Security

    Web security is always on the top priority when we talk about Drupal. WordPress, Magento, and Joomla are the most being used CMS platforms, but due to some security compromise, an array of websites has been got infected by cyber threats. However, the infected ratio in Drupal developed website is negligible.

    • Scalability

    Drupal provides Scalable infrastructure support for the website’s growth needs. No matters how much busy your website is, Drupal can administer a huge amount of web visitors, content, and Drupal users at a time.

    • Content Workflow

    A wide range of magnificent tools of Drupal makes easy for you to manage your content requirements.

    • Multilingual

    The multilingual feature of Drupal now makes it easy for their users to deliver localized digital experiences to their customers. It saves a lot of time and big bucks that usually invest in translating content on the site for local customers. It offers around 90+ language tools.

    • Mobile-Responsive

    Drupal provides Mobile-Responsive website designs to their users for delivering the best visitor experiences to their online visitors’, especially mobile users.

    • High Speed

    The most advanced version of D8 has a new cache system known as cache tags that give you the fastest Drupal ever.

    Industries Drupal Serves

    Drupal is one of the leading industries and it has linked to millions of members. All range of industries from small scale to large scale is being served with web services by Drupal. Besides it, non-profit organizations are also having the benefit of digital experiences. The most being served industries by Drupal include:

    • Finance & Technology
    • Sports & Entertainments
    • Art and Culture
    • Travel And Tourism
    • High Tech
    • Ecommerce
    • NGOs And Non-Profit Organizations
    • Healthcare
    • Higher ED
    • Media And Publishing
    • Government Agencies

    Moreover, the following bar chart of a Drupal Business Survey 2018 shows the top 10 industries in which Drupal customers operate:

    How to learn Drupal?

    Whenever something is begun new, everyone has a fear of how to do it and will it be successful? It’s completely common. If you are new to Drupal, you might have the same thoughts but don’t worry, learning Drupal is not a hard nut to crack. But, you need to invest your precious time and some money in learning it.

    • Some Basic Requirements

    First of all, before heading to learning Drupal you should have some dedication to learning Drupal. Then, you must have some prior coding skills which include the basic knowledge of HTML/CSS, PHP, etc. if you have both the dedication and prior coding skills, you can move forward to start a Drupal web development project.

    • Drupal Resources

    Numerous resources available online if you want to learn Drupal that include: Drupal.org

    If you want to read online materials, you may visit Drupal.org. you can get information about distribution, themes, modules, and forums support there. Moreover, different types of tutorial available there like Drupal beginner guides, begin basic configuration, Drupal 8 User Guide and Local Development Guide, etc. For best practice, it is recommended to download all Drupal installations, modules, themes.

    • Books

    Drupal also offers a wide array of books for its users who want to learn Drupal. This includes mainly two types of books as mentioned below:

    Books for Beginners

    • Using Drupal

    This book introduces Drupal to newcomers. It will beneficial for both who do not have any knowledge about Drupal and who knows a little. It usually helps in understanding the CMS and how to set up common functionality, etc.

    • Drupal for Dummies

    This book is meant for beginners who don’t know anything about Drupal. It has information about CMS, its features, how to create and manage content in CSM, install modules and about activate themes.

    • Drupal 8 for Absolute Beginners

    It is meant to give information about the most advanced version Drupal 8. If you want to get handy instantly in Drupal 8, you can read this book.

    Books for Drupal Developers

    • Pro Drupal 7 Development

    Pro Drupal 7 Development book is published for advanced developers. It gives information about Drupal core and the API, how Drupal works? How to build a theme? how to build a module? and much more.

    • Drupal 7 Module Development

    If you want to get basic information about Drupal 7 like Drupal site-building, creating modules and, about database interfaces, themes, and administration. This will be the best alternative for you.

    • Drupal 7 Themes

    As the name implies, it is intended to give information about Drupal 7 themes. You can get information about the Drupal 7 theming Architecture, how to set up a theme and create a new theme, amending the existing theme, etc.

    • Videos

    Some people like to read online material or books, but others like to watch tutorial videos. If you are one of them you can find the tutorial videos on websites such as; Udemy, Drupalize.me, BuildaModule.com and YouTube

    • Google

    Last but not least ‘Google’ is always there to help you out. Just put a keyword regarding your query into Google, just in a few moments, you will get your answer. Moreover, you can explore Drupal communities and Blogs for more information.

    Hire Dedicated Drupal Developer

    If you are unable to work on Drupal due to the lack of time or busy schedule, you may hire an experienced Drupal Developer. They will not only complete your projects in the fixed time frame but also save your huge time and worth your money. They can easily handle simple to compound projects and also offer suitable solutions at your disposal. Furthermore, you may also hire an FTI for your Drupal Web Development Company.

    Why to choose FTI FOR Drupal Web Development?

    However, choosing an ideal Hire Drupal Web developer is not an easy task as there are web development companies who are claiming to be the best one in industry. However, many things to be looked upon when you hire Drupal web development service like budget, expertise, support for queries rise during project, timeline and few others. To get all these things in a single package, and to select one out of the pool of thousands of candidates you can consider hiring FTI Tech (FTI).

    With FTI, you can simply contact them and know your requirements. Once the first stage is cleared of basic talk, you can put an order as well outsource manifold long-term projects. With expertise people and years of experience, they can shape your thought regarding Drupal Development. The application or website you want to develop can be a handy task for them. You can check the rating and reviews of this company. This will give you an idea about their work, performance, experience and many more things.


    Drupal is one of the leading CMS platforms for making web application and mobile application. Its user-friendly functionality gives ease to new users and, its high-security standard and page loading speed improves brand reliability. You can either hire an expert or a web development company from FTI according to your choice and budget. Drupal helps you to provide the best digital experience for your consumers.