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    Learn Laravel Development: Laravel Tutorial

    Laravel Development Services

    Did you know that Laravel Development is one of the easiest and most lucrative IT skills that can skyrocket your employ ability and potential earnings? In fact, the beauty of this framework is that you may never have to find a full-time job. Most Laravel Developers work from the luxury of their own home, backyard, or any other place they wish to. Plus, you can have more than one client and that can spike up your earnings depending on your professional skills.

    On an average, a remote Laravel Development professional earns between $60,000 and $106,000 per year. Now that is awesome because implementing the Laravel framework does not require lengthy codes. Instead, you can do so much with just a wee bit of coding, and that surely gives you enough time to manage the work of multiple clients, quite easily.

    What is Laravel Development and How Can I Learn it?

    If you wish to get into the freelancing bandwagon, and build your career as a Freelance Developer, then you must realize the importance of time. PHP Laravel is a framework that makes life much easier for a PHP Developer, and minimizes the amount of coding, with its in-built functionalities. Speaking of time, as a Freelance Laravel Programmer and Developer, you have very little of it as numerous small and mid sized businesses prefer to hire remote workers.

    It works for them because their needs are basic, and they can’t afford to invest in advanced technologies or dedicated Laravel programmers. So, getting a project isn’t a big deal, instead, you need to focus on developing authority in Laravel, by prepping-up yourself for real-time development. If you are wondering how you can do that, then we’re right here to guide you through the process. Unless you follow it, things can get clumsy, especially if you are an absolute newbie, so read until the end.

    Laravel Development Tutorials

    Learning any MVC Framework can be quite intimidating and to make the entire process easier, you need proper guidance. So, if you wish to try your hand at Laravel, the whole process of choosing the right resources can be overwhelming. So, here’s a step-by-step walk through.

    1. Get the Basics Right

    Most beginners tend to make the mistake of trying to learn Laravel without being proficient in PHP. No matter how ridiculous this sounds, it’s the bare truth. So, if you are in that zone, then the first thing that you need to master is PHP.

    2. Hone Your OOPS Skills       

    If you wish to master any of the PHP frameworks, be it Symphony, Laravel or anything else, you need to be extremely good at certain PHP concepts. The most important ones are those that come under OOPS such as classes, methods, abstraction, encapsulation and more. Most of these are available in PHP 5, so if you are new to PHP and are about to start from scratch, then OOPs is something that you need to get a hold over.

    3. Try Doing a PHP Project

    Even if you possess a certain degree of programming experience in any programming language other than PHP, we still recommend that you spend some time learning PHP. You can do a self-assessment of your PHP skills by creating at least one PHP project independently before you start learning any of the PHP frameworks. This would not only give you a better understanding of PHP but also ensure that you know what is taking time and how these frameworks make your life much easier.

    4. Get Started with Laravel

    Now that you know PHP and are proficient in OOPs, it’s finally time to set the right environment for Laravel. The easiest way to do this is by setting up Laravel Homestead. Some of the other essential packages that you need to have in place, are VMWare, Hyper-V, Vagrant, VirtualBox6.x, and Parallels. However, if you aren’t quite familiar with these, you can always get help to set it up.

    Since you now have a thorough understanding of PHP and OOPs concepts, learning Laravel should be a cakewalk. It shouldn’t take you more than a fortnight to master this Framework and here is a great resource for those keen on getting started with Laravel, all by themselves.

    Industries We Serve

    FTI Tech (FTI) empowers your business by bringing in exceptionally talented Laravel professionals, eager to take your business to the next level. Some of the industries we’ve served include the following:

    At FTI, we help entrepreneurs achieve their business goals by understanding and delivering precisely what their business requires. So, if your business has very specific needs, then you can hire FTI’s dedicated Laravel Developer, who would work solely on your project and interact with you on a regular basis.

    Why Hire FTI for Laravel Web Development?

    • Diligent – FTI’s Laravel professionals are diligent and work according to the instructions provided by our clients.
    • Deadlines – We make it a point to honour deadlines, and no matter what it takes to get there, but we make it a point to deliver desired results to our clients, within the deadline.
    • Technical Expertise – We hire professionals with a proven track record to do the job for you. So, if it’s a user authentication that you require, then the job would be handled by someone
      who has done that earlier.
    • Customer Satisfaction – With a majority of returning clients, we guarantee absolute customer satisfaction in every project that we undertake.


    At FTI, we help businesses flourish by leveraging the hidden potential of Laravel and other core technologies, to help businesses run smoother and more efficiently. To embark upon a more fulfilling consulting experience, we welcome you to join hands with us.