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    What is important in Web Development 2019?

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    Ever wonder why people are rushing into few websites of the 200 million active websites, all the time. Sadly, even they don’t have anything as our website has? It’s nothing but their interactive website design and its attractive guise. As our website is the façade of our business facility to the world, we have to upkeep it in a tidy, responsive and alluring way.

    The appearance of our website has a significant role in welcoming visitors. A simple, eloquent, contented website enchant everyone than a messy and littering website. The navigation, fonts, colors, menus, support and user interface involves largely over this process.

    The most recent surveys say people won’t spend more than three seconds for a website to load. If the site failed to show up within that moment, the chances of bouncing are more and more. Likewise, the trends and weathers over the website world are undulating every day and night.

    However, let check what all are we need to check out on 2019 in web development.

    Accelerated Mobile Pages

    AMP( accelerated mobile app) is a seedling planted and watered by Google for better user experience. It help to reduce the web page load time and gives a pleasant experience to customers.

    Many of the users are visiting the website through their mobile phones. No visitor is ready to spend more than three or four seconds on a webpage to load. Hence it is our job to reduce the load time as less as possible. AMP helps to load the websites faster on mobile devices and optimize it for better ranking as well. Showing up before the customers are not just a matter of our business alone today. It determines the ranking of our website on the search engine.

    Hence if you are serious about the website and, business AMP is a must to move forward.

    Responsive chatbots

    Chatbots are becoming a necessary element in websites today. People are far lazy to go over your FAQ’s and scratch out the question they want to ask. Today, as soon as they reach our website, people are checking for the chatbox to ask their queries.

    Moreover, the chatbox of today is more like a human with the support of AI and machine learning. So, it can resolve any kind of questions outrightly. Remember, customers are not like to chat with some machines, so it’s essential to get into the world of AI and teach the machines to act like a human when chatting.

    Thus, a responsive chatbox will be an asset for the business on the coming days for sure.

    Progressive web apps

    We Don’t Know the browser that the users try to access our website. IT may be a decade old technology or a week old. However, it is our need to make ready our website for any device and any browser. Leveraging the benefits of the progressive web app, we can take advantage of the native app and AWP either.

    A progressive web app is more of a equipped web application than a website that can be accessed on the desktop. It should fit on all devices, regardless of the signal strength, platform and situation it should be awakened for every user all the time.

    Hence it ensures its prominence in the future web development market freight. So, be ready for your websites with a progressive web app technology readily.

    Single page website

    Single page website is favorite for the user all around the world. The acceptance of Gmail, Facebook and similar kind of sites are very examples of that. The prime advantage of a single page website is, it doesn’t ask for additional time to open. Also, it opens up the pages on the same browser.

    What makes is lovable is the easiness to find everything on a single page. Moreover, it is rich with illustrations, mobile and more appealing. And this makes it an inevitable add-on that every single website will have on the network.

    Static website

    Static websites are dethroning the dynamic web pages. It is because of the compactness of static websites and its lesser time for loading up. Also, it is serving as a cost-effective choice for entrepreneurs across the globe.

    Hence the multiple advantages that static websites offer are largely driving the website owners to switch their websites a static outlook than a delaying dynamic one.

    User interface

    The researches on user experience are leaping in jet speed. Every day, the big tech giants are trying to add more flavors to the user interface across the platforms. From the web design to the day to day backend updates are massively focusing on improving the user interface.

    Adding more technology and hues of artificial intelligence the process of making web technologies more appealing is growing in agile.

    Putting it all together, it is evident that the web development technologies are into a huge transition. If we fail to keep our pace to the trends and updates, we will lose the market for sure. Hence, just have a look over all the movements in the tech world upscale the website. Know the customer, know the market and know the technologies.