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    Why is Responsive Design So Important?

    Responsive Web Design

    Responsive web design (RWD) is the future for businesses that want to have a thriving online community. The most effective way of capturing people’s attention is through the mobile phone. If you have an online website that cannot load on the mobile platform, then you’re hurting your business.

    The majority of your potential customers are scrolling on mobile sites, and if yours can’t load, they’ll discard it and move on to a competitor. The search engines algorithms have also evolved, and they give priority to sites that are first and foremost mobile friendly.

    Having an RWD site will help increase traffic to your page thus increasing conversion rates. Online businesses that invest in advertising and promotion can now calculate their ROI effectively; lastly, conversions result in increased sales.

    Read on for further insight to understand what responsive Website Design is all about, its importance, advantages and how it compares to traditional standard web design.

    What is a Responsive Website Design?

    RWD allows your website to adjust to any screen size and resolution without any glitches or differences. Responsive web designs appear the same whether on laptops, desktops, tablets or phones.

    The term came up in the year 2010 through a renowned web designer. At first, businesses took it as another new trend in the web designing industry. RWD, however, is more than a new style; it changed the shift in the web designing such that in 2016, Google came up with new algorithms that gave priority to responsive websites.

    Responsive Web Design Services makes more than mobile-friendly sites. They use a technology that allows the site to adapt seamlessly on any device.

    Benefits of Using a Responsive Website Design

    • Increased Views from Mobile

    68% of web traffic generates from mobile devices. There’s a higher chance of getting more traffic from a mobile phone than the laptop or desktop. Limiting the views to desktops and laptops cuts off the more significant chunk of the market from accessing your online business.

    • Lower Cost and Website Maintenance

    Any responsive web design company will tell you how affordable an RWD site is in comparison to a standard site. In the past, companies that needed to tap into the mobile-uses market had to make two sites. The practice is not only time consuming, but it’s also expensive to maintain.

    RWD eliminates the need of having two sites and using one website that adapts to the different devices available in the market today.

    • Improved User Experience

    A seamless user experience allows any device to access the website without a glitch. The images and text load swiftly and are clear without the need to zoom in or changing the font size. Potential clients respond better to RWD sites than standard sites.

    Unresponsive websites, on the other hand, load slowly on any other device apart from the desktop and laptops. Their images may load halfway or not at all, and the text appears skewed. They also consume a lot of data and battery power.

    An excellent online business puts the clientele first by ensuring their experience with any device on their website has little to no faults.

    • Adapts Easily to Any Screen Size

    There are all types of devices available today, especially in the mobile market. Different screen sizes and resolutions vary from one brand to another. It’s no longer an option to create a mobile-friendly device since it may load poorly in some devices and load fast in others.

    Responsive website design makes it easy for all devices to access a website regardless of the mobile’s design.

    • For Analytics and ROI Calculation

    When you have to maintain two platforms such as the web-based and the mobile-based platform, it’s difficult to keep up with analytics. You need to figure out which advertisement or promotion brought in conversions and which one you need to stop. Responsive Website Design lessens the load when making such analysis easing the decision-making process.


    Responsive web design is easy to set up and maintain. It loads from all types of devices without giving the user any difficulties. The future of e-commerce lies in the loading speed of your website. An RWD site addresses all the concerns and keeps you ahead of the competition.