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    Learn WordPress Development: WordPress Tutorial

    WordPress Development

    Did you know that WordPress (WP) developers earn around $3000 to $15, 000 for a full WordPress design? Well, the median hourly rate for WordPress development is also a ‘juicy’ $50/hour.

    These separate reports make WordPress development one of the most lucrative businesses you can do remotely. If you’re an aspiring WordPress developer, then you’ve landed on the right page.

    Here, you will know how to learn WordPress development, the tutorials which will prepare you for your next projects, and how you can benefit from WP development services. Read on.

    How Do I Learn WordPress Development?

    While WordPress development will pay you generously soon you’ve mastered the art, there are some challenges you’ll undoubtedly face. From a lack of motivation to self-doubt, etc., you must work hard to overcome these obstacles.

    If you are ready to get started with WP development, there are many online courses you can subscribe to; so, you can get the core and basics of WordPress development. It’s however worth noting that not all developer coaches out are reliable.

    If you are not fortunate, chances are high you will land on the hands of an amateur developer or scammer. The results? Poorly planned course modules with nothing much to gain.

    That’s the last thing you’d expect from your trainer, but it leaves you with only one way to go; Research.

    Before subscribing to any WordPress development course, be sure to do proper background research on the trainer. Check experience, the industries they serve, and most importantly, past client reviews.

    This will give you a good overview of the trainer’s proficiency and what to expect at the end of the training. You should also check to confirm that your trainer-to be has a good social media presence. They should also have a professional website which lists their services, areas of expertise, and the approach they adopt to help you reach your goals.

    WordPress Development Tutorials

    In getting started with WP development tutorials for beginners, you will need; functional WordPress installation, Development server, and Text editors e.g., NetBeans, and Notepad++.

    Here, you will learn how to modify site appearance, the admin panels, and the site operations or ‘behavior.’ Your trainer will also use and show you how to use custom web coding languages like HTML, and CSS.

    If you have some background knowledge about these coding languages, it will be easy to get the hang of these tutorials faster.

    From the course, you will learn how to create a new admin control panel from scratch, and the User profile pages, etc. The tutorials will also show you how to create WordPress themes, Plug-in, Widgets, and the whole website — and how to use the apps which use WP on the back end with APIs.

    WordPress development covers installation, navigation of dashboard, content publishing, plug-ins installation, installation of WordPress themes, optimization of WordPress performance, WordPress security are few points that should be included in tutorial and we have given overview of each points for your attention.

    • WordPress Installation: In this section, you will have knowledge of WP installation and for it, you need PHP version 5.2.4+ or MySQL version 5.0.15+. You can install WP by plug-in or manually. To manually install, you need file manager and latest version of WordPress. Once it is installed, just login to admin panel and browse dashboard.
    • Publish Content: When you create a website with WordPress, the first thing will come content publishing either it can be a post or a page. You can categorize, archive and tag your post. This post is used to publish time-sensitive content.
    • Plug-in Installation: To expand functionality of WordPress, you need plug-ins as it will add new feature without any development or hard coding. You will find different plug-ins for different uses. There are thousands of free plug-ins available in WP like Google XML Sitemaps, Yoast SEO, Wordfence Security, etc.
    • WordPress Themes installation: Same as plug-in, you can install free or premium themes for better look. Few themes are universal and can be applied on any website while other themes are designed for specific purpose. It will take few moments to install themes.
    • WordPress Optimization: When you add text, image, code in WP then it will take time to load the website and to overcome this situation, you need to optimize WordPress. By doing this, you can increase page loading speed. To do this, there are few plug-ins available that can boost website optimization.
    • Security: WordPress security is essential in which, keep your WP updated, keep unique credentials, WP backup, etc.

    Industries We Serve

    We at FTI Tech has served many industries through our WordPress Development and few of them are below mentioned. Here’s a rundown of some of the industries that we serve;

    1. Real Estate Industry.

    2. Health Industry.

    3. Security.

    4. Business products and services industry.

    5. Government services industry.

    6. Financial services industry.

    7. Logistics and transport industry.

    8. The Legal sector.

    9. Customer products and services industry.

    10. Food processing industries and many more.

    Hire Dedicated WordPress Developer?

    Are you ready to kick start your WordPress Development? Get in touch with one of our dedicated developer and get the necessary skills that have helped establish us as the forces to reckon in this industry.

    Why Hire FTI For WordPress Web Development?

    ♦ Skilled staff. Our clients love our services because we only use subject matter experts who are trained in the field. These experts will help you get the relevant knowledge, skills, and tricks that they’ve tapped in over the years to make them productive and effective in this field.

    ♦ Client focus. You need a program which matches your career goals and plans. We have a dedicated customer care personnel, which offers round the clock service. We pay attention to your schedules and model the training framework in line with your programs.

    ♦ Precision. We understand how the current business landscape is. Therefore, we know what works and what doesn’t work. Our team is, therefore, always keen to remove the fluff and present you with raw data that will aid in your quick development.

    ♦ Professionalism. Our goal is to see you succeed, and professionalism is our primary driving force. Because of this, we’re always keen to use the most relevant technologies which are currently trending to prepare you for future success.

    ♦ Honesty. Before signing on the dotted line, we’re always keen to ensure that we understand what you expect. We will, therefore, lay out for you what you should expect during the whole period.

    Our pricing structures are also straightforward, with no hidden fees.

    Take Away

    Making the switch to full-time WordPress developer could be your saving grace if you have a knack for technical stuff. Let’s help you tap into your creativity for a better future.