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    Top 8 SEO Trends to Increase Brand Visibility and Revenue

    Every year the annual marketing budgets increases because of big decisions are taking place. These decisions can very well set the stage for a win or a loss. Apart from accounting, planning and administration, the brand managers are essentially required to maintain the latest tactics and strategies that lead to a lot of wins as far as the search engine and organic rankings are concerned. The marketing strategists and the CMOs (chief marketing officer) need to plan a lot and here are a few trends that have been explained.

    Value of the truly earned links

    The inbound links have always and remain the greatest authority of trust as far as search engines are concerned. The CMO that is very concerned about the organic search channels must focus entirely on the quality of the content and also focus on promoting the content amid a specific set of audiences. This must be done with the intention of earning a much branded content. You must always value the links that you have earned genuinely, as these links can result in a very great marketing effort. These links carry great importance and cannot be underestimated.

    Importance of mobile

    The use of mobile for the internet is significantly surpassing the use of the desktop. This has dramatically changed the concept of SEO as the SEO of desktops and mobiles are done differently. The behaviour of search engine optimization and various searches has changed as the time has passed. The professionals must understand that the search algorithms are different for the desktop search and for the mobile search, and this difference must be duly noted. The portability of mobile devices over desktop devices has contributed in a great manner. People have been using mobile in a great deal, which has also impacted search engine optimization or SEO. Google will boost search engine ranking of mobile friendly websites.

    Search across channels, devices & platforms 

    Search queries are fragmented into the long tailed keywords; these long tailed keywords are fragmented across a variety of channels and platforms. The mobile devices, service providers and the applications related to software are building an internal search function to serve their own audience. This means that the volumes of the search are moved from the engines on various web browsers. This fragmentation process can result in a lot of positive results. You can serve a lot of people by practicing this concept. It is a growing trend and many are making use of it.

    Social engagement & leadership

    Thought leadership and social media engagement are two essential factors and both of these go hand in hand. Many brands have pursued the content marketing strategies in a very aggressive manner with the aim of putting themselves as professionals and experts in the online communities respectively. Much offsite thought leader campaigns have shown worst result in term of search visibility growth. Thus the two factors which are namely thought leadership and social engagement must never be overlooked.

    Importance of the long tail search traffic

    The one or two-word key phrases are very costly to be ranked and are very difficult to convert. On the other hand, the long tailed keyword queries are more relevant and can be converted at a higher rate because from the point of view of a great particularity and buying intent. The brands which can notice the importance of long tailed phrases can very well yield a lot of influence and power.

    Change in the display of search results

    Google has strived to become a destination that we can expect to see more of streamed answers to the queries. These include weather information, sports scores and also retailers. The knowledge graph and the features of Carousel are changing the way consumers interact and view the search results in a very fundamental manner. The CMOs must be very conscious upon how their brands appear online in the search engine.

    Focus on rankings & keywords

    The encryption of the keyword search data from Google is an indicator of what can come in the near future. As the consumptions of information fragments across channels, platforms, applications and devices, the SEO will be losing a lot of its touch with rankings and keywords. Thus, the professionals must change their method and way of thinking. They must start thinking of increasing the visibility of the brand across a multitude of properties and extend the image of brand presence to almost every corner of the digital and internet space.

    Need for personalization

    As the functionalities of the search are becoming more and more sophisticated, the consumers will obviously be exposed to a very high degree and level of sophistication. Each person might see various results for the same exact query. This depends on the psychographic, local and also demographic data that is gathered from the previous engagements. The conversions will obviously lead to the brand that is well prepared to deliver a very high degree of personalization across dissimilar search platforms. These customers might be based in various platforms and each of them must be able to avail personalization. Thus, the visibility of the brand will finally rely upon its potential of becoming the most famous content marketer in the space of the internet and the digital world.


    The above trends are as a result of the changing world. They have many advantages if you follow now because times have changed and the internet has changed with it. Apart from understanding the various trends, it must be understood that the importance of organic search can never be overlooked. Even today, it has a lot of significances. Any company that manages to excel in this area will be handling a large share of the digital space. You cannot excel in the digital world by ignoring the concept of organic search. It is something that is here to stay and it will stay on top.